Category: Food Safety Certification (HACCP)

What happens when you’re ready for certification?

Compass Assurance has qualified auditors with a range of experience in quality, safety, environment, information security, asset management, food safety and e-waste. Certification takes place as a two-step audit process.  STEP 1: Our auditor will come to your site and perform a stage 1 audit that looks at your current...

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How to Identify your Critical Control Points (CCP’s)

HACCP food safety certification takes a fundamental approach to assessing and preventing risk at any stage of the food production and handling stage from transportation to being served on your plate at your favourite restaurant. Defining and identifying Critical Control Points (CCP’s) is an essential step to both getting and...

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But I don’t handle food –Why do I need HACCP Certification?

You’ve got a phone call, email, carrier pigeon from a client or prospective supplier asking if you have or are prepared to get HACCP certification. But you don’t handle food, why is this relevant to you? We can tell you why. HACCP certification is about managing risks within the food...

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