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    Popular GFSI Certifications

    Have you ever been at the grocery store, reaching for your favourite food items, and noticed labels covered in acronyms like GFSI, SQF, BRC, or FSSC 22000? We’ve all probably wondered at some point, what do they even mean? There are so many different food safety certifications these days, it’s…

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    SQF vs HACCP

    SQF vs HACCP

    In reality, “HACCP vs. SQF” isn’t an accurate title for this article, as the two work together to provide companies with a comprehensive and robust food safety management plan. However, “HACCP & SQF Team Up to Provide an All-Powerful Food Safety Management Plan” just isn’t as catchy, so “HACCP vs….

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    The Meaning of HACCP

    So, you’ve just been asked for your HACCP certification and you’re not sure what that is? You’re not alone, we receive many phone calls from business owners needing to know more about HACCP. There is a growing trend in the food industry where businesses are requiring their partners to attain…

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    Tips for System Integration

    Integrated Management Systems When companies aim to integrate a Safety Management System (SMS) and Environmental Management System (EMS) with their existing Quality Management System (QMS) for ISO certification, several key considerations come into play. Firstly, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the current QMS, assessing its effectiveness and gauging how the…

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    Climate Change Updates

    On 22 February 2024, IAF and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a Joint Communiqué to highlight the upcoming publication of Climate Action Amendments to new and existing ISO management systems standards. In support of the ISO London Declaration on Climate Change, ISO passed a resolution that will result…

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    Our 6 Steps Guide to Quality Systems and ISO 9001 Certification 

    1. Commitment Securing the support and commitment from top management is fundamental for the successful implementation of your Quality Management System (QMS) and attainment of ISO 9001 certification. Top management plays a pivotal role in actively participating in crucial processes such as management review and demonstrating their commitment to the…

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    Cost of a Data Breach

    In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the globalised nature of business operations demands a shift from paper-based record-keeping to digital data storage. With the majority of businesses now relying on hard drives and cloud-based systems to manage their information, efficiency and accessibility have greatly improved. However, this convenience comes with…

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    Food Safety Standards and Their Importance

    Imagine waking up in the morning, ready to whip up a delicious breakfast for yourself and your loved ones. You’re envisioning a delightful start to the day, filled with laughter and shared moments over a hearty meal. Fast forward a few hours, and suddenly, your stomach is doing somersaults, and…

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    How Will AI Affect the Future of Work & Certification

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjures up different emotions for different people. Some view it as the end of time with murmurous of Skynet (a Terminator reference for anyone who is confused, Skynet was the start of the end for human civilization in the movies). While others view it as a transformative…

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    Global Certification – Compass FAQ’s

    We are very pleased to announce the merger of Global Certification with Compass Assurance Services. This is very exciting news for both companies, our staff and most importantly for you, our customers. Both Compass and Global are focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service through accredited certification services….

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