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    But I don’t handle food –Why do I need HACCP Certification?

    You’ve got a phone call, email, carrier pigeon from a client or prospective supplier asking if you have or are prepared to get HACCP certification. But you don’t handle food, why is this relevant to you? We can tell you why. HACCP certification is about managing risks within the food…

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    Top 3 Tips for Running an Engaging Training Course

    Training courses are often met with the same reactions, death by PowerPoint, going nowhere, dragging things out, trainer going on and on,  bad coffee and stale biscuits (okay maybe not the last one). But they don’t always have to be like that. As a person of a certain age, I…

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    Merry Christmas From the Compass Team

    To all of the clients of Compass Assurance We would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family and friends a Merry Christmas and happy new year. It’s been our pleasure to work with you all in 2018 and we hope to see you again in 2019….

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    WAIPS Date Extended

    We have just received news the cut-off date for the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) has been extended to February 28th, 2019 The Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS Round) is an initiative from the Western Australian Government aimed at providing small to medium-sized businesses with access to funding…

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    Looking for something productive to do over summer?

    If you are thinking about getting into shape for summer, why not think holistically and get your professional development into shape as well. Instead of scrolling through endless Facebook posts of other people’s holidays, perhaps consider a far more productive and satisfying use of online time by taking advantage of…

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    She’ll be right! Current Australian attitudes to risk.

    Late last year 2 men (skilled earthmoving operators) were seen waiting out a storm by raising the bucket of their 20-tonne front end loader up and then standing under it, using it as an umbrella. When approached about the stupidity of this act the reply was “she’ll be right!” A…

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    So why do we need to be concerned about digital security?

    As organisations have become more connected with increased information flows productivity has improved dramatically. The flip side to all this is that we are now more reliant on this data and information than ever before. If our organisations data becomes corrupted, destroyed or falls into the wrong hands it can…

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