Self Assessment Checklists

Our self-assessment checklists break down the standard into easy to understand and manageable pieces. Completing one of these checklists will let you know how far your business is to becoming certified.

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Checklist
ISO9001:2015 Quality Checklist
ISO 14001:2015
Environment Checklist
ISO14001:2015 Environment Checklist
ISO 45001:2018
Safety Checklist
ISO45001:2018  Safety Checklist
ISO 27001:2013
Information Security Checklist
ISO27001:2013  Information Security Checklist
ISO 27001:2022
Information Security Checklist
ISO 27701:2019
Privacy Checklist
ISO 55001:2014
Asset Management Checklist
ISO55001:2014  Asset Management Checklist
ISO 19600
Compliance Checklist
ISO 19600  Compliance Checklist
ISO 31000
Risk Checklist
ISO 31000  Risk Checklist
Food Safety Checklist
HACCP Food Safety Checklist
HACCP (Non-Food)
Safety Checklist
HACCP Checklist:  For non-food businesses
Food Safety Checklist
E-waste Checklist
AS/NZS5377:2013 E-waste Checklist

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We’ve kept an archive of our previous online files including presentations and videos.

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  • Environmental Certification (ISO 14001, AS/NZS 5377)
  • Food Safety Certification (HACCP)
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    How Will AI Affect the Future of Work & Certification

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjures up different emotions for different people. Some view it as the end of time with murmurous of Skynet (a Terminator reference for anyone who is confused, Skynet was the start of the end for human civilization in the movies). While others view it as a transformative…

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    Global Certification – Compass FAQ’s

    We are very pleased to announce the merger of Global Certification with Compass Assurance Services. This is very exciting news for both companies, our staff and most importantly for you, our customers. Both Compass and Global are focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service through accredited certification services….

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    7 Tips on Reporting and Maintaining your ISO certification

    Achieving your certification will have been a major accomplishment and you want to make sure it continues to deliver benefits to your organisation for the foreseeable future. Your customers, your employees and other stakeholders will have an expectation that your certification is maintained and you drive the maximum value from…

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    Steps After The Certification

    Steps After The Certification : I Just Received My Certification, Now What? So you have successfully navigated through the certification process and are ready to move on to the next phase. Below I will detail the important steps that you will need to focus on to ensure that the certification…

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    ISO 9001 Financial Benefits

    ISO 9001 Financial Benefits: Quality Management System ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) is one of the world’s most widely implemented standards. So, why do so many organisations invest in a QMS and what are the financial benefits that make this a worthwhile investment? Below, I explore some of the…

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    COVID-19 Update

    As the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly evolve, it is an appropriate time to update you on Compass’ approach to the situation and what it means in terms of your scheduled audits We have enacted our Extraordinary Events Protocol which allows for Certification Audits to be managed differently in the…

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    How to use and how not to use your Certification Mark

    Firstly, congratulations on achieving certification! You’ve worked hard on your systems and made it through your Stage One and Stage Two audit (hopefully relatively unscathed) and now its time to reap the rewards. Certification has many benefits, from growing your business, remaining competitive in your market and addressing liability. It’s…

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    Should I expect non-conformances at my stage one audit?

    An essential step in seeking ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Safety AS/NZS 4801 or ISO 18001 certification is to undertake your Stage One audit. This can be daunting if your business has minimal experience with ISO certification or AS/NZS certification. The stage 1 audit is essentially a gap audit against the…

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