ISO 14001 Checklist

ISO 14001:2015 Checklist

Environmental Management Systems

1.0 Context

The Organisation

Have you determined internal and external issues that will impact on your environmental management system

Interested Parties

Have you determined what internal and external interested parties are relevant to the environmental management system and what are their requirements?


Have you determined the boundaries of the environmental management system and documented the scope?

2.0 Leadership

Leadership & Commitment

Can you demonstrate top management is providing leadership and commitment to the environmental management system?

Environmental Policy

Have you a documented environmental policy that is communicated and available?

Roles & Responsibilities

Are roles and responsibilities for environmental management documented?

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3.0 Planning

Risk & Opportunities

Have you determined the environmental risks and opportunities related to your organization?

Do you have plans to address them?

Have you maintained records?

Compliance Obligations

Have you determined your compliance obligations and how they apply to us?

Do you have plans to address them?

Have you maintained records?

Environmental Aspects

Have you determined your environmental aspects and impacts, including any significant aspects and your criteria for determining this?

Do you have plans to address them?

Have you maintained records?

Environmental Objectives

Have you established environmental objectives?

Do you monitor, measure and communicate them?

Do you have plans to address them?

Have you maintained records?

4.0 Support


Have you determined and ensured necessary resources are in place for the environmental management system?


Have you ensured that personnel are aware of your policy, significant aspects and processes relevant to them?

Control of Documents

Do you ensure documents and records are controlled?


Do you ensure competence of personnel?

Do you maintain records?


Have you determined processes for internal and external communication relevant to environmental management including staff, contractors, visitors, regulators and interested parties?

Do you maintain records?

5.0 Operations

Operational Planning and Control

Have you established and maintained procedures to meet the requirements of the environmental management system?

Do you maintain control and influence over outsourced processes?

Consistent with a life cycle perspective do you consider environmental requirements in design processes and ensure impacts associated with transportation, use and end-of life treatment are controlled?

Do you maintain records?


Have you documented processes for emergency? Are they tested (such as drills) and do you evaluate effectiveness?

Do you maintain records?

6.0 Improvement

Non-Conformity & Corrective Action

Do you have processes for reporting, investigating and taking action to manage incidents and corrective action?

Do you maintain records?

Continual Improvement

Do you continually improve the environmental management system?

7.0 Performance Evaluation

Monitoring & Measurement

Do you monitor things such as risk processes, operational controls, equipment that requires maintenance or calibration?

Do you measure and evaluate things such as KPIs, performance against targets?

Do you maintain records?

Management Review

Does your top management review your environmental management system at planned intervals?

Do you maintain records?

Evaluation of Compliance

Do you assess compliance with legal and other requirements, and do you maintain records?

Internal Audit

Do you plan and conduct internal audits to ensure the environmental management system conforms to requirements and is implemented effectively?

Do you maintain records?

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iso 14001 certification

What is ISO 14001 / Environmental Management Systems?

ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems. Leading companies around the world demonstrate their environmental performance by controlling the impacts of their activities.

Why do I need ISO 14001 certification

Why do I need ISO 14001 Certification?

The main reason organisations seek ISO 14001 certification is because external stakeholders like customers, regulators and governments want an independent assessment of your environmental management system.

iso 14001 certification benefits

Why do I need ISO 27001 Certification?

Companies often seek ISO 14001 certification for external reasons such as getting on preferred supplier’s lists, improving company image and responding to customer demands but ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems can have more benefits beyond more work.

iso 14001 certification

How can I get certified?

Getting ISO certification is a lot easier than you might think, We take you through the three step audit process from your initial enquiry to the final certification decision.

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