How can I get certified?

It’s easier than you think

Getting certified to any of the ISO standards such as:

  • ISO9001 Quality
  • ISO14001 Environment
  • ISO45001 Safety
  • ISO27001 Information Security
  • ISO55001 Asset Management

Typically includes a three-stage process for getting certified – from initial enquiry through to the final certification decision.

Stage One Audit

Stage One Audit

The first stage looks much like a gap audit, the focus is on our assessors learning about your systems and benchmarking them to the nominated standard(s).

Issues to be addressed are included in your report. We always have a comprehensive briefing with you at the end of the audit to explain our findings – so you fully understand what the standard requires. Above all, there are no surprises.

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Training Sessions

Our training course are designed to provide a basic and contextualised introduction to ISO certification as well as provide a practical overview of how it applies to your business.

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Stage Two Audit

Stage Two Audit

This time we focus on how well your business has implemented your processes. Are your systems being followed, do your people understand what is expected of them, are you achieving your objectives.

Is risk being managed appropriately, are the needs of stakeholders such as clients being met. It’s a lot more hands-on, spending time with workers and seeing work being undertaken.

Certification Decision

Certification Decision

Our auditor makes a recommendation for getting certified, based on your Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits, to an independent Compass Certification Manager who reviews all the audit information to make the decision to grant certification.

After an affirmative certification decision, we issue your certificate for you to proudly display in your office or worksite as well as a digital logo for you to use on your website and letterhead.

At Compass Assurance – we look after it all: from your audit to your certification decision and issuing certificates.

Just like you, we’re certified (well we are accredited) and are regularly audited for compliance with the International Standard that governs Certification Bodies. So, like you, we need to have our business systems in place and effective. This assures you that the certification decision is robust and follows due process.

Are there any ongoing requirements after getting certified?

In order to maintain certification, there are ongoing surveillance audits that are required no less than on an annual basis. Then every 3 years there is a re-certification audit which replaces the surveillance assessment.

We do find that most of our client’s welcome the review as it can provide a perspective of how things are going, help identify problems and facilitate improvement.

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