Certification Marks

Certification Marks

Congratulations on becoming certified!

Certification of your business systems is a powerful marketing tool.

You have done the hard yards implementing the systems so show people you have a commitment to quality, to leadership, to a processes approach to delivering products or services and to meeting your customers’ expectations

Use it wisely

You may like to use our certification marks on corporate documents such as your website, business cards, proposals and letterhead.

But first…

Please note though there are some limitations on how and where it can be used.
You should check out our Certification Mark Policy on our website under the Our Policies section.

If you are unsure contact us on [email protected] or on the telephone care of 1300 495 855.

Show off your Certification

Certification Marks Compass
Certification Marks Commerical Transport
Certification Marks Signs
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Certification Marks and Logos

High Resolution – Logos & Certifications
Low Resolution – Logos & Certifications
Low-resolution images in PDF, JPEG and PNG file formats are available below.