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SQF Checklist

Managers Responsibilities

Has the business determined:

  • Scope of certification?
  • Applicable food sector categories?
  • Exemptions?
  • Applicable elements?

Has the business registered on the SQFI Assessment database?

Has the business appointed an SQF practitioner

System Elements

Management commitment

Specification, formulations, realisation, and supplier approval

Food defence and food fraud


Document control and records

Food safety system

SQF system verification

Product traceability and crisis management

Allergen management

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Good Manufacturing Practice Requirements

Site location and premises

Personal hygiene and welfare

Receipt, storage, and transport

Waste disposal

Site operations

Water, ice, and air supply

Separation of functions

Mandatory Clauses Are Requirements Within Module 2

System elements that must be documented, implemented, and audited for a site to achieve SQF certification.
System elements that cannot be exempted during a certification or re-certification audit.

2.1.1 Management Responsibilities

2.5.1 Validation and Effectiveness

2.1.2 Management Review

2.5.2 Verification Activities

2.1.3 Complaint Management

2.5.3 Corrective and Preventative Action

2.2.1 Food Safety Management System

2.5.4 Internal Audits and Inspections

2.2.2 Document Control

2.6.1 Product Identification

2.2.3 Records

2.6.2 Product Trace

2.3.4 Approved Supplier Program

2.6.3 Product Withdrawal and Recall

2.4.1 Food Legislation

2.7.1 Food Defence Plan

2.4.2 Good Manufacturing Practices

2.7.2 Food Fraud

2.4.3 Food Safety Plan

2.8.1 Allergen Management

2.4.7 Product Release

2.9.2 Training Program

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What is SQF Food Safety?

The SQF standard is the globally recognised food safety standard that meets the needs of all farmers, suppliers and distributers in the food industry through an internationally recognised system. This system has an emphasis on the systematic approach of HACCP for the control of food safety hazards. The current edition of the standard was created in 2021 and consists of 9 different codes.

Why do I need SQF Food Safety Standard?

Establishing why you need an SQF Food Safety Standard is easy for businesses who priorities growth and/or want to supply the safest product possible. This standard is for companies who are seeking to elevate the standard of their entire industry. Providing a platform for enhancing procedures across the whole industry which leads to a safer and superior product for all.

What are the benefits of getting the SQF Food Safety Standard?

Consumers view companies with a SQF certification as safer and with a superior product. Additionally, the standard is the only internationally recognised GFSI program that covers the whole supply chain and is a huge advantage to companies wanting new markets, both on our shores and overseas. For companies wanting to progress to the next level, the SQF standard could prove an invaluable tool.


How can I get certified?

Getting an SQF Food Safety Standard is a lot easier than you might think, We take you through the easy audit process from your initial enquiry to the final certification decision.

SQF Food Safety Throughout Australia

Compass Assurance Services have offices and staff located throughout Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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