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    Three Ways to Protect your Information Security

    ISO 27001 certification is aimed at creating and establishing processes for safeguarding information from unauthorised access, use, destruction, modification or disclosure. Information security is an essential component to the successful operation of any organisation regardless of your size or industry. Your business will deal with sensitive information of some sort be…

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    Digital Age and Document Control

    Often when we think about document control and ISO9001, we think about policies, procedures and version numbers. In today’s world the most significant documents and data that needs to be controlled is digital data. How often do we see situations where websites aren’t properly backed up along with a lack…

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    Four Biggest Errors When it Comes to ISO 9001

    1)Overcomplicating your systems prior to certification When businesses are looking to get certified a common issue is overcooking things. When making changes to your systems you should only do it if you truly believe it will benefit the business. Often companies will make changes purely because they are under the…

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    Tips for the lead up for your first Certification Audit

    Whether it’s ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 or even AS/NZS4801 or AS/NZS5377, implementing systems compliant to these standards can be valuable and add to your business; enabling growth and development in the years to come.  Over the years our team of auditors have seen it all, you can learn…

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    Why does an organisation need Risk Management?

    All organisations exist to serve a purpose. This is often described as a vision or a strategic direction and a number of objectives will be set in place to try and achieve this vision or purpose. As defined by the international standard, risk is the effect of uncertainty of objectives….

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    Top 4 Reasons Why Your Clients Want You to be Certified

    Certification can offer a range of benefits not only to your organisation but also to your stakeholders including clients. Through gaining accreditation the following benefits become apparent:  1. Comparison Being certified gives potential clients and prospects a way of distinguishing your business from competitors. ISO certification is recognised globally as…

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    What happens when you’re ready for certification?

    Compass Assurance has qualified auditors with a range of experience in quality, safety, environment, information security, asset management, food safety and e-waste. Certification takes place as a two-step audit process.  STEP 1: Our auditor will come to your site and perform a stage 1 audit that looks at your current…

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    Top 3 most important reasons to get ISO14001 Environment certification

    ISO 14001 environmental management system is the international standard for environmental management. The standard ensures effective environmental management systems that can minimize your environmental impact, help you meet your obligations, licensing conditions and overall lead to improved environmental performance. Implementing a system compliant to ISO14001 can bring a wide range…

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    3 Tips to Planning for your Internal Audit

    Internal audits are an essential part of achieving and maintaining any ISO certification. We’ve compiled our top 3 tips to prepare for your internal audit: 1) You don’t need a written procedure ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environment certification specify that you don’t need to have a written…

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    How to Identify your Critical Control Points (CCP’s)

    HACCP food safety certification takes a fundamental approach to assessing and preventing risk at any stage of the food production and handling stage from transportation to being served on your plate at your favourite restaurant. Defining and identifying Critical Control Points (CCP’s) is an essential step to both getting and…

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