Category: Safety Certification (ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, AS/NZS4801)

Tips for the lead up for your first Certification Audit

Whether it’s ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 or even AS/NZS4801 or AS/NZS5377, implementing systems compliant to these standards can be valuable and add to your business; enabling growth and development in the years to come.  Over the years our team of auditors have seen it all, you can learn...

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Why does an organisation need Risk Management?

All organisations exist to serve a purpose. This is often described as a vision or a strategic direction and a number of objectives will be set in place to try and achieve this vision or purpose. As defined by the international standard, risk is the effect of uncertainty of objectives....

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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Clients Want You to be Certified

Certification can offer a range of benefits not only to your organisation but also to your stakeholders including clients. Through gaining accreditation the following benefits become apparent:  1. Comparison Being certified gives potential clients and prospects a way of distinguishing your business from competitors. ISO certification is recognised globally as...

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What happens when you’re ready for certification?

Compass Assurance has qualified auditors with a range of experience in quality, safety, environment, information security, asset management, food safety and e-waste. Certification takes place as a two-step audit process.  STEP 1: Our auditor will come to your site and perform a stage 1 audit that looks at your current...

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She’ll be right! Current Australian attitudes to risk.

Late last year 2 men (skilled earthmoving operators) were seen waiting out a storm by raising the bucket of their 20-tonne front end loader up and then standing under it, using it as an umbrella. When approached about the stupidity of this act the reply was “she’ll be right!” A...

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