Our People

What sets us apart

It’s not our products (we don’t have any) and it’s not our systems (although they’re not bad).  100% of our income is derived from our people sharing with you their time and expertise to help solve your problems and improve your business.

Paul Lindsay

Paul is the Managing Director of Compass Assurance Services. He has worked in operational and executive roles within the mining, professional services, certification and risk management industries for over 20 years. He has managed sales functions and teams of auditors and consultants engaged within the telecommunications, water, electricity, oil and gas, government, financial services and healthcare industries on projects relating to risk, safety, compliance, quality, environment management and governance.

Paul brings a unique perspective on certification having worked in senior roles with multinational conformity assessment bodies and in quality control roles. It was this experience that provided the impetus to form Compass Assurance Services and forge a new direction in assurance.

Paul holds a Masters in Business Administration, Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, Advanced Diploma in Management and Lead Auditor Qualifications for Safety and Quality.

Katherine Lindsay

Katherine is the Operations Director of Compass Assurance Services. Katherine has worked in operational, training, safety and quality roles within the mining, defence, certification and risk management industries for over 20 years. Katherine has developed safety and quality management systems, designed processing plants, managed armament and explosives programs and conducted many safety, quality and environmental audits.

Katherine has held roles with the RAAF, Thiess Contractors, Department of Education (VIC) and NCS International before Compass Assurance Services.

Katherine holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Master Of Business Administration, Bachelor of Teaching, as well as qualifications in training, safety, investigation, quality management and environmental management.