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Stage 1
Your ISO 27001 certification journey begins with organising your stage 1 audit with your designated auditor. During this phase, your auditor will conduct a thorough analysis of your systems to assess compliance with the standard. Within 10 days, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining any areas of non-compliance and the reasons behind them. This report will also indicate the timeline for progressing to your stage 2 audit.
Stage 2
During your stage 2 audit your auditor collects evidence to ensure that your company and employees adhere to your policies and procedures. This involves various forms of investigation such as interviews with your management team, analysis of your CRM system, and discussions with staff regarding their familiarity with relevant policies and procedures. This ensures your systems are working as intended in the real world. Rest assured, you will receive communication prior to the audit to prepare all necessary documentation and personnel. Similar to stage 1, you will receive an audit report once the auditor has gathered all relevant evidence. This report will identify their findings and highlight the areas within your system requiring adjustment to comply with the standard.
Once the auditor is satisfied with your systems, you have officially passed the ISO 27001 certification. In the event of minor non-conformances, you will still pass and become certified. However, you will need another audit in six months to demonstrate the correction of these non-conformances.
Upon achieving ISO certification, you enter a three-year cycle comprising of annual audits. Years 1 and 2 involve surveillance audits, while Year 3 entails a recertification audit. As a guideline, surveillance audits typically match the duration of stage 1 audits and are therefore shorter than recertifications. During surveillance audits, your auditor will focus on specific areas of your systems for examination. These areas will be communicated to prior to the audit.
The recertification audit is typically longer than surveillance audits and is comparable in length to your stage 2. During this thorough audit, your auditor will identify numerous areas of your systems that require auditing. Once again, all areas that will be investigated will be communicated to you in prior to the audit.
Transitioning Certification Bodies
Transitioning between certification bodies can be a smooth and straightforward process. Our team will seamlessly manage the transition, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We will communicate with your current certification body to transfer all necessary information, and then proceed with your next audit without any hassle on your end. Rest assured, while you may have a new auditor, everything else will remain familiar, making the transition hassle-free for you
Letter of Engagement
Our Letter of Engagement serves as solution for businesses seeking certification ASAP. It signifies the commencement of your certification journey and provides assurance to your business partners. This letter communicates that you have initiated the certification process and demonstrates your commitment to achieving certification promptly. It assures your business partners that you are actively working towards certification while providing them with the necessary reassurance in the interim. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to expediting your certification process, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. We understand the urgency of your certification needs and are here to support you every step of the way

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