What are the benefits of getting Safety Certification?

The benefits of ISO55001 Certification

What are the benefits of ISO55001 Certification? The key benefit is to realise the intended value of the asset. ISO55001 Certification provides assurance to your stakeholders that this is happening or that your plans to do so are appropriate.

Other key benefits:

  • Financial performance – ensuring an asset is managed well should result in reducing costs and enhanced output
  • Better Decisions – helps you make better decisions about the asset by understanding key metrics such as those related to performance, risk and costs
  • Manage Risk – understand risk and opportunity related to the asset and plan how to realise or avoid them appropriately
  • Services or Product – if the asset is performing well then its likely that the output of the asset such as a product will consistently meet or exceed your customer’s expectations
  • Improvement – reviewing processes and performance will enable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reputation – committing to robust systems and a transparent process for evaluating the effectiveness of the system gives stakeholders confidence in you and your ability to meet your objectives

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ISO 55001 Asset Management

ISO 55001 – manage the value of your business assets. The fundamental purpose of an asset or group of assets is to provide value; asset management is the process of realising the value from the asset.

What is ISO 55001 Asset Management Systems?

ISO 55001 provides a framework for formalising, implementing, maintaining and improving an organisations asset management system. Whether assets are tangible or not, this International Standard gives guidance for how to best manage the assets at the core of an organisation.

Why should I get ISO 55001 Asset Management Certification?

By formalising, implementing and maintaining an asset management system aligned an organisation can expect to; manage and reduce risk, support business growth by demonstrating good asset management and commitment to external stakeholders.

How can I get certified?

Getting ISO certification is a lot easier than you might think, We take you through the three step audit process from your initial enquiry to the final certification decision.

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Compass Assurance Services have offices and staff located throughout Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney.

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