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How Will AI Affect the Future of Work & Certification

Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjures up different emotions for different people. Some view it as the end of time with murmurous of Skynet (a Terminator reference for anyone who is confused, Skynet was the start of the end for human civilization in the movies). While others view it as a transformative...

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Global Certification – Compass FAQ’s

We are very pleased to announce the merger of Global Certification with Compass Assurance Services. This is very exciting news for both companies, our staff and most importantly for you, our customers. Both Compass and Global are focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service through accredited certification services....

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COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly evolve, it is an appropriate time to update you on Compass’ approach to the situation and what it means in terms of your scheduled audits We have enacted our Extraordinary Events Protocol which allows for Certification Audits to be managed differently in the...

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