FEMAS Certification

FEMAS Certification

Compass Assurance Services is approved to certify the FEMAS Scheme.

FEMAS Certification – FEMAS is recognised by major retailers as a key link in the chain for the supply of safe food. The scheme is owned by the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) and provides accredited assurance of feed ingredients.

The FEMAS standard covers the assurance requirements for all feed ingredients (including micro-ingredients such as flavours, vitamins and enzymes) used in the production of animal feed, whether primary products of a production system or co-products and regardless of country of origin.

The main aims of the FEMAS standard are:

  • the animals that consume the feed ingredients certificated under this standard
  • the humans consuming the livestock products derived from those animals in the form of meat, milk, eggs and fish

How to comply with FEMAS?

Why Compass?

  • Multiple accreditations
  • Audits are conducted by Compass’s expert assessors
  • We provide food certification services all around the world as part of the KIWA Group.

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