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Our training course are designed to provide a basic and contextualised introduction to ISO certification as well as provide a practical overview of how it applies to your business.

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What is ISO 27001 Information Security?

ISO 27001 Information Security certification covers the correct handling of security risks and information customised to your company.


Why do I need ISO 27001 Certification?

Upon implementing ISO 27001 certification processes, your stakeholders will be assured that all risks regarding information security are identified and appropriately controlled.

iso 27001 certification australia

What are the benefits of ISO 27001 Certification?

Typically, companies get ISO 27001 certified for many external benefits, such as enhancing company image and securing positions on preferred supplier lists.

iso 27001 certification

How can I get certified?

Getting an ISO 27001 certification may not be as difficult as you think. With the help of our experienced team in Sydney, you can go through the three-step process to obtain your ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 Certification Throughout Australia

Compass Assurance Services have offices and staff located throughout Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney.

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Come along to one of our Workshops for ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems Essentials

Our highly trained auditors will prioritise the area of the ISO 27001 standard the business may need to work on. Several of our training courses simplify the requirements and provide a comprehensive understanding of ISO 27001.

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