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SQF Food Safety Certification

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Food Safety Checklist
SQF Food Safety Checklist

The next steps to achieve SQF certification?

Pre Assessment Audit
During your pre assessment audit your SQF auditor will analyse your current systems compared to the standard and assess your implementation. The systems which are required are built off a HACCP plan, so it is crucial to already have one which has been implemented throughout the business.

Once this audit has been completed, your auditor will issue you with a report which will highlight any non-conformances.
SQF Audit
During your SQF audit, the auditor collects evidence to confirm that your company and employees are adhering to your management plan. This rigorous process entails a variety of investigative techniques, such as conducting interviews with your management team, analysing your systems, and engaging in discussions with non-management staff to evaluate their understanding of relevant policies and procedures.
SQF Certification
Once the auditor is satisfied with your systems, you have officially passed the SQF certification. Unlike ISO certifications there are no surveillance or recertification audits. Your SQF certification will last for one year and if you wish to renew it, you will be required to undertake another SQF audit.
Transitioning Certification Bodies
Transitioning between certification bodies can be a smooth and straightforward process. Our team will seamlessly manage the transition, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We will communicate with your current certification body to transfer all necessary information, and then proceed with your next audit without any hassle on your end. Rest assured, while you may have a new auditor, everything else will remain familiar, making the transition hassle-free for you
Letter of Engagement
Our Letter of Engagement serves as solution for businesses seeking SQF certification ASAP. It signifies the commencement of your certification journey and provides assurance to your business partners. This letter communicates that you have initiated the certification process and demonstrates your commitment to achieving certification promptly. It assures your business partners that you are actively working towards certification while providing them with the necessary reassurance in the interim. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to expediting your certification process, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. We understand the urgency of your certification needs and are here to support you every step of the way
SQF certification can help meet external requirements
SQF certification can improve your company processes
SQF certification can help companies win new tenders or contracts
GFSI recognised certification
SQF certification helps businesses stand out in their industry
SQF certification can help businesses perform better

What is SQF food safety certification

What is SQF certification?

The SQF standard is the globally recognised food safety standard that meets the needs of all farmers, suppliers and distributors in the food industry through an internationally recognised system. This system has an emphasis on the systematic approach of HACCP for the control of food safety hazards.

Why do I need SQF food safety certification

Why do I need SQF certification?

Establishing why you need an SQF Food Safety Standard is easy for businesses who priorities growth and/or wants to supply the safest product possible. This standard is for companies who are seeking to elevate the standard of their entire industry. Providing a platform for enhancing procedures across the whole industry which leads to a safer and superior product for all.

Benefits of SQF food safety certification

What are the benefits of achieving SQF certification?

Consumers expect companies with a SQF certification to produce a safer and superior product. Additionally, the standard is the only internationally recognised GFSI program that covers the whole supply chain and is a huge advantage to companies entering new markets, both on our shores and overseas. For companies wanting to progress to the next level, the SQF standard could prove an invaluable tool.

How to achieve SQF food safety certification

How can I achieve SQF certification?

Getting an SQF Food Safety Standard is a lot easier than you might think, We take you through the easy audit process from your initial enquiry to the final certification decision.

SQF certification throughout Australia

SQF Certification Throughout Australia

Compass Assurance Services have offices and certification staff located throughout Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.

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