Certification can offer a range of benefits not only to your organisation but also to your stakeholders including clients. Through gaining accreditation the following benefits become apparent: 

1. Comparison

Being certified gives potential clients and prospects a way of distinguishing your business from competitors. ISO certification is recognised globally as a dedication to safe, reliable and high quality business practices. It also gives them a point of reference for your business. 

2. Demonstrates commitment to good practices. 

If you have achieved certification you are demonstrating a commitment to good business practices regarding quality, safety, environmental and risk management systems. 

3. Cost effective form of demonstrating due diligence 

No one wants to potentially be caught not demonstrating complete due diligence if and when something goes wrong. By becoming certified your ensuring that you have systems in place to avoid risks and demonstrating your duty of care within a wide range of industries. 

4. Certification makes their job – a customer picking a provider – a lot easier 

ISO standards are internationally recognised as benchmark accreditations. Being certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 or any other standard, separates you from potential competitors. Put yourself in your client’s shoes; two comparable companies on everything including price and speciality but Company A is certified, and Company B is not, who would you choose? 

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