What is BRC Food Certification?

What is BRC Agents & Brokers Certification

What is an Agent & Broker Within the Food Industry

  • Agents – An agent in the context of the food industry acts as an intermediary representing either the buyer or the seller in transactions. They negotiate contracts, facilitate deals, and provide services without taking ownership of the goods being traded.
  • Brokers – A broker in the food industry acts as a middleman who brings together buyers and sellers, earning a commission for facilitating transactions. Unlike agents, brokers do not take ownership of the products being traded but facilitate deals between parties.

BRC Grading System

  • Grade AA – Equivalent to an A+ in the BRC certification system, Grade AA signifies an exceptional level of compliance. It indicates that the business and its facilities have demonstrated outstanding compliance to the standard, showcasing exemplary practices and procedures. This grade typically involves no more than 5 minor issues.
  • Grade A – Representing a high level of compliance, Grade A indicates that the business and its facilities have met the majority of requirements. While not flawless, the auditor identified only a few non-conformities. This grade is highly respectable, typically involving between 5 and 10 minor issues.
  • Grade B – Grade B indicates that the business and its sites have met the basic requirements for BRC standards. However, the auditor identified areas for improvement. This grade may involve 11 to 16 minor issues or one major issue with up to 10 minor issues.
  • Grade C – Businesses receiving a Grade C require attention, as the auditor identified several areas for improvement. This grade may involve 17 to 24 minor issues, or one major issue with up to 16 minor issues, or two major issues with up to 10 minor issues.
  • Grade D – Businesses receiving a Grade D require major attention, as significant issues were identified by the auditor. This grade may involve 25 to 30 minor issues, or one major issue with up to 24 minor issues, or two major issues with up to 16 minor issues.
  • Uncertified – We think you can work this one out.
BRC Food Safety

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What is BRC Certification?

BRC was founded to streamline food safety standards and minimize redundant audits. Recognised as the inaugural food safety standard by the Global Food Safety Initiative in 2000, BRC’s comprehensive framework ensures product integrity, legality, and quality, fostering trust and transparency in the food sector through robust protocols and certifications covering areas such as management commitment, HACCP implementation, and process control

Why Do I Need BRC Certification?

Obtaining certification, particularly BRC certification, is vital for demonstrating quality commitment and meeting market demands, especially in key regions like the EU & UK. Beyond compliance, BRC certification offers concrete benefits such as resilience enhancement, legal compliance, and waste reduction opportunities, all of which contribute to bolstering consumer trust, profitability, and corporate reputation.

What Are The Benefits of Achieving BRC Agents and Brokers Certification?

How Can I Get BRC Certified?

Getting a BRC certification is a lot easier than you might think, We take you through the easy audit process from your initial enquiry to the final certification decision.

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